Customer Examples

RFC Wireless serves over 200 businesses in the Bay Area with industry leading reliability and support. We understand our customers needs and  configure custom service plans to meet them. Here are few examples. Feel free to contact us for direct references.

Large Transportation Company | South Bay

Switched from cellular based two-way phones saving customer an average of 55% on monthly costs. With free group calling, they can now monitor all their employee’s work which they couldn’t do before.

Regional Waste Management Company | East Bay

Implemented private, two-way system with GPS for large regional waste company providing higher quality, reliability and 40% lower average monthly cost, while eliminating multiple service providers.

School District | North Bay

Implemented two-way, multiple channel system, allowing specific group sets to communicate reliably and easily. Improved efficiency, security and accountability.

Global Electronics Company | Silicon Valley

Engineered and implemented secure internal two-way system involving multiple campuses. Allowed redundant secured communications and continuous service in emergency response situations.

Leading Construction Contractor | Greater Bay Area

Converted from two-way cellular service to non-shared SMR network, saving an average of 60% monthly. Elimated product replacement issues and allowed monitoring and enhanced control of employees.

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