Digital Two-way Radios vs. Cellular Phones

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RFC Wireless’ digital two-way radio system offers an alternative solution to high-priced cellular plans. MOTOTRBO can help improve productivity and efficiency by enabling you to communicate with and provide information to your employees virtually anywhere at anytime. And with GPS applications, you can utilize location tracking applications all in one device. MOTOTRBO is designed to improve response times and increase your productivity, cost effectively, today and in the future.

Two-way Radios Cellular Phones
Helps ensure privacy via a closed network Exposes callers via a public network
Offers excellent reception and wide coverage Prone to dead spots and poor reception
Can be designed to work even in times of emergencies and natural disasters Subject to outages from call overload, power failures and natural disasters
Effective in highly noisy environments Ineffective in highly noisy environments
Many safety features to protect workers Limited safety features
Ruggedly built for work environments Fragile for work environments
Increases efficiency with promptone-to-many communication Decreases productivity by limiting communication to either one-to-one or one-to-two people if no PTT capability
Accelerates resolution time by instantly connecting people Delays response by taking at approximately 60 seconds to connect
Offers long life cycle support Offers short life cycle support
Intuitive, one-touch user interface. Easy to use when driving or wearing protective equipment. Complex user interface. Difficult to use safely in a work environment. Legal restrictions when driving.
Battery life to support intensive use for the length of a full shift Battery life insufficient for more than occasional use
Saves money; can have nomonthly fee for usages Costs money every month to use
One touch access to frequently used features Complex user interface