Distance Learning

Nitro Distance Learning

How Does It Work?

Nitro provides improved data streaming capabilities, capacity, range, and the increased security of LTE. Your school can benefit from lower ongoing maintenance costs and streamlined network support, because our solution is built around a hosted core.

Let Nitro power your student’s learning with lightning-fast private broadband data, and the coverage, capacity and control your schools need. It delivers comprehensive data coverage, supporting a range of connected devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones and more.

Nitro Supports Distance Learning with Enhanced:

Nitro was designed to provide superior coverage for your staff and student’s devices, reducing or eliminating the need to install the equipment outside of student and staff homes. Leveraging the power of private LTE, Nitro can bring broadband data access to users within your school district’s geographic footprint.

Nitro will provide sufficient bandwidth for all students and teachers. LTE allows more efficient allocation of broadband spectrum, offering equal and predictable performance at all times. A fully coordinated band mitigates interference, providing users with full access to clean spectrum.

Know exactly which students, staff members and devices are on your network. Easily add capacity and coverage with easy-to-deploy infrastructure. The Nitro OnPrem Gateway allows you to integrate directly into your existing network for complete control of all data. Nitro also follows the 3GPP Air Interface Standards, so that every user needs a provisioned and controlled SIM Card to access.

All components of Nitro adhere to the five pillars of cybersecurity as determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Ensure system cybersecurity and lower potential data breaches. Nitro provides full end-to-end encryption, from the core down to the site infrastructure.

Get Students and Staff Connected

There is no time to waste in setting up your district’s distance learning technology. By deploying Nitro as your distance learning network, you’ll be free to modify your network as your school’s technology ecosystem grows and evolves.

Don’t worry about installing miles of tricky cables, drilling holes, or managing heavy maintenance work inside the homes of your students and staff. Nitro is easy to install and gives your district complete control over your school’s network.

No matter the device of choice of students and staff, any off-the-shelf device from tablets to laptops and even smartphones can access the Nitro broadband network. All it takes to get each student connected is our Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), which will provide connectivity to the network. Each CPE comes with a router that will serve as the access point for all devices, all from the comfort and safety from your students’ and teachers’ homes.

The Long-Term Benefits of Distance Learning

Feel confident that you made a good investment in your decision to deploy Nitro, as we continue our work to put processes in place to ensure schools are ready as the world goes back to normal.

In this digital era, we live in, the benefits of a strong network connection in academics are undeniable. With Nitro, experience increased security over your school’s Wi-Fi and bridge the gap once and for all for those students who do not have access to Wi-Fi at home. Now homework, independent studies, applying for colleges, and more can all be done in the safety of student homes using any personal or school assigned devices. Never worry about putting academics on hold for inclement weather days, or canceling school for another snow day. With Nitro, any room in your student’s home can be transformed into a classroom.

Make It Happen

Motorola Solutions is with you through every step of ensuing safer and more productive learning for the next generation, whether that learning happens in the classroom or at home.

Nitro is ready to grow with the needs of your school, and overcome whatever distance learning challenges may come your way. Plus, with many of our solutions eligible for grant funding through the CARES Act, our COVID-19 response solutions are more readily available than ever.

Providing academic success for all students, starts with getting everyone connected. Make that connection with Nitro, a strong private LTE network.

Nitro (CBRS)

Do more with less with enterprise-grade private broadband with twice the capacity, up to four times
the range of Wi-Fi and the ability to share multimedia and data across your facilities using a private
data network managed via a cloud-based portal.