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Northern California Wide-Area Two-Way Radio Coverage

San Francisco Wide-Area Coverage

Serving Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area

Our sister company, Bay Area TrboTalk provides wide-area two-way radio coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. We own an extensive Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system, as well as expanded coverage on our WAVE PTX LTE network.

Our MOTOTRBO digital radio system includes web-based fleet management, text messaging, email services, and voice dispatch. TrboTalk’s Wide-Area Dispatch network is designed for mobile fleets with business-critical communication needs. Our robust system features continuous real-time monitoring and redundancy. 

Industry Solutions

Whatever your industry, we can help you do business smarter and faster with solutions that combine leading-edge Motorola products and services. Whether your business is saving lives, moving products, or providing services, Bay Area TrboTalk can recommend the right products and services to help you gain control and efficiency.

We work with:

  • Construction Companies
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Factories and Manufacturing Plants
  • Local Government
  • Transportation Companies
  • Waste Management Companies

Our MOTOTRBO Connect Plus System

Connect Plus multi-site digital trunking is a MOTOTRBO system configuration that enables you to accommodate the high volume, wide-area communication your business requires. Whether you need coverage at a single site or across multiple sites, it can be scaled to meet your communication needs.

Your work teams can not only talk to one another or the main facility, they can also use data applications to make their jobs more efficient and safe, including text messaging, location tracking and dispatch capability. All the while, you gain the added benefits of TDMA digital technology like increased capacity and clear audio. With enhanced communication between employees, you’ll see increased productivity and efficiency across your enterprise organization.

WAVE PTX Broadband LTE Integration

As part of Motorola Solutions’ Wave PTX service, RFC Wireless offers LMR Interoperability that lets you connect MOTOTRBO Push-To-Talk radio users quickly and easily with new Wave PTX users. Get ready to expand your team communication reach and connect seamlessly and quickly across LMR and Wave PTX users without hefty upfront infrastructure costs.

Our LMR Interoperability Services is a critical piece of this extended ecosystem and helps to remove the complexity of network integration and enables the seamless flow of information within your technology ecosystem so your teams are always connected and can remain focused on the job at hand.

Custom Communication Solutions

We’ve designed, implemented and managed small and large installations for a wide variety of clients.
From local school districts and transportation companies to global technology leaders