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Accessories by Radio Model

The Power Of Your Motorola Radio Unleashed

Increase the functionality and dependability of your two-way radios with Motorola Original™ accessories. When it comes to your two-way radios, why settle for less? Motorola provides a full range of accessories like batteries, chargers, headsets, speakers and more to help you communicate with the rest of your team.

Motorola Portable Two-Way Radio Accessories

Motorola Digital Portable Radios

Motorola Analog Portable Radios

  • Motorola BPR40
  • Motorola CP185

Motorola Mobile Two-Way Radio Accessories

Motorola Digital Mobile Radios

  • Motorola XPR 5000e Series
  • Motorola XPR 2500
  • Motorola CM300d
  • Motorola CM200d

The Power Of Your Radio Unleashed

From discreet Bluetooth earpieces to efficient battery solutions, our complete
portfolio of accessories optimizes the performance of your Motorola radio.