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FCC Licensing

FCC Licensing and Frequency Selection

RFC Wireless offers consultation, analysis, review, and preparation of FCC license and compliance forms. We can evaluate and troubleshoot existing systems and provide needs assessments, estimate service coverage, and examine various types of propagation for your specific needs. We provide solutions for radio interference problems from study and test to final implementation.

Most mobile two-way radio and point-to-point systems require an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) license grant to be operated within the United States and its territories.

Push-to-talk radios, rather than cellular phones, are the safest and most reliable way to communicate. Often during natural and man-made disasters, cellular service is lost because of the destruction of phone lines and cell towers. Since the radio frequency spectrum is not dependent on such fragile structures, communication can continue. This safeguards the mission-critical communications between teams at all local and global locations.

FCC Licensing

Our Services

  • License Preparation and Tracking
  • New and Renewal License Submissions
  • FAA and FCC Tower Registration
  • CORES Registration Assistance
  • Renewal and Change Notification
  • Engineering Waiver Assistance
  • Spectrum Acquisition and Brokerage
  • Filing of Special Temporary Authority (STA)

System Management

RFC Wireless offers leading technical expertise in wireless
technology to fully implement nearly any private system.