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Motorola Sold & Supported voice dispatch and data applications for use with Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems.

  • Conventional
  • Capacity Max
  • Capacity Plus
  • IP Site Connect
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Simplex (analog or digital)
  • Connect Plus
  • IP Site Connect (wide and local area time slots)

Motorola Sold & Supported Voice Dispatch Solution

Motorola Sold and Supported

SmartPTT PLUS is a Motorola Sold & Supported voice dispatch and data application. Being Motorola Sold & Supported means that SmartPTT is tested and certified to work with Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems. SmartPTT PLUS can connect directly to the master repeater or system server via an IP wireline connection, thus eliminating the need for gateways and control stations.

  • Customizable user interface to fit your needs
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently with all radios, groups of radios, or individual radios
  • Know the location (indoors or outdoors) of a radio user to provide faster response times during an emergency
  • Monitor the progress of assigned tasks through to completion to ensure tasks are done timely and accurately
  • Employee accountability using voice / event logs and reports
  • Labor and maintenance cost savings by efficiently assigning work tasks


Voice Dispatch
Instant communications and efficient team coordination – the system is under the dispatcher’s permanent control.

Emergency Management
Dispatcher is alerted to a radio user in distress when the emergency button is pressed, Man Down is activated, or the Lone Worker timer times out.

Voice and Event Log
Data storage and easy reconstruction of incident details.

GPS Location
Know the exact worker’s location at any moment and enhance their safety by control of their entering hazardous zones.

Indoor Location
Monitor the position of employees inside buildings.

Custom Console
Customize the user interface to suit your needs.

Web Client
Accyour radio system using a PC’s web browser.

Monitor the health of your radio system.

Text Messaging and Job Ticketing
Communicate and assign talks with text messaging.

Telephone Interconnect
Enable radios to make and receive telephone calls.

Radio Network Bridging
Connect different radio systems for interoperability or migration.

Rules and Alerts
Customize rules and alerts for personnel safety and control.


Dispatch Solutions

Our dispatch solutions integrates all your communication center needs,
whether simple, highly complex, or somewhere in between.