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Cambium Networks

Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Fixed Wireless Broadband

RFC Wireless has partnered with Cambium Networks to provide robust and secure point-to-point (PtMP) fixed wireless broadband services.

Broadband service providers need to provide high throughput internet last-mile access to business and home subscribers in urban, suburban and rural environments. Operators need the ability to cost-effectively deploy point-to-point (PTP) point-to-multipoint (PtMP) fixed wireless access (FWA) networks using 5G, millimeter-wave (mmWave), licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Cambium Networks offers purpose-built point-to-multipoint broadband access solutions using 5G Fixed, PMP 450 (CBRS and unlicensed), ePMP, cnRanger LTE and cnWave millimeter-wave technologies. Network operators can mix and match these technologies to efficiently bridge the digital divide or enable business digital transformation and manage them as ONE Network with a single cloud management system.

Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Fixed Wireless (FWA) Broadband Access Solutions

The PMP 450 platform has proven to be the most scalable and highest-capacity multipoint platform on the market.

The ePMP™ platform has set the standard for high performance, scalability, and reliability at a compelling price.

cnRanger LTE
The cnRanger™ Fixed LTE wireless platform from Cambium Networks substantially increases range and coverage.

cnWave mmWave
cnWave™ multi-gigabit fixed wireless in 60 GHz or 28 GHz provides fiber speeds without the time and cost associated with trenching.

cnMatrix TX Switches
Next-generation switching platform offers a cloud-managed, high-performance, enterprise-grade Ethernet switching solution.

In-Building Solutions

Do you need wireless communications inside your building?
Do two-way radios and cellular phones stop working as soon as you walk into your office?