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Emergency Communication Planning

Create an Emergency Communication Plan

Workplace emergency preparedness is no longer an option for businesses and institutions. Mitigating disruptions through an effective communications system plan is not only cost-effective but in most cases, required by law. Even routine maintenance can disrupt communications. Emergency communications technology is essential in these situations.

San Francisco Emergency Planning

Since 9/11, companies and institutions have implemented more stringent safety policies to ensure continuous in-building wireless coverage is available for essential communications during emergencies. Moreover, Homeland Security initiatives emphasize the need to ensure in-building wireless coverage among first responders. The ability of first responders to communicate wirelessly indoors can impact a life-and-death situation when performing duties in the public safety realm.

Lately, we have seen how quickly natural and manmade disasters can strike at any time or anywhere. RFC provides consulting and solutions to assist institutions and businesses in implementing Emergency Action Plans and achieving compliance to federal and state regulations such as OSHA, The California Education Code, and The California Government Code. Contact us to set up a consultation at or by calling (510) 462-2500.

System Management

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