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Motorola LMR and Wave PTT Integration

Extend Your Two-Way Radio Coverage

Motorola LMR and Wave PTT Integration

Extend Your Coverage with Motorola Radio and WAVE PTT Integration

As part of Motorola Solutions’ Wave PTX service, RFC Wireless offers LMR Interoperability that lets you connect MOTOTRBO Push-To-Talk radio users quickly and easily with new Wave PTX users. Get ready to expand your team communication reach and connect seamlessly and quickly across LMR and Wave PTX users without hefty upfront infrastructure costs.

We offer multiple advanced Wave Radio Gateway Interop options to seamlessly enable private calls, groups calls, emergency calls, and alerts between LMR and Wave PTX Users.

Motorola Solutions has created the first and only end-to-end technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on one single platform – providing you with the foundation of safety and efficiency you need by addressing the unique challenges of your organization.

Our LMR Interoperability Services is a critical piece of this extended ecosystem and helps to remove the complexity of network integration and enables the seamless flow of information within your technology ecosystem so your teams are always connected and can remain focused on the job at hand.

Motorola LMR and Wave PTT Integration

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