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Serving Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Silicone Valley for Over 30 Years

RFC Wireless is a global provider of private wireless voice and data communication systems, specializing in system design, consulting, and wide-area repeater services since 1992.

RFC stands out due to our capacity to offer complex global communication solutions from Silicon Valley, including running our own commercial carrier network with monthly digital airtime via Push to Talk (PTT) equipment.

As a full-service commercial radio systems integrator and Motorola infrastructure equipment provider, RFC tailors communication systems to the unique needs of its clients in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and high-tech.

Operating out of Fremont, California, RFC Wireless owns and operates Bay Area Turbo Talk and holds licenses for multiple frequencies, offering services like broadband Wi-Fi, WAVE PTX LTE Service, and equipment rental.

Northern California Radio System

Bay Area Wide-Area Radio Coverage

Bay Area TrboTalk Logo

Bay Area Wide-Area Radio Coverage

MOTOTRBO Digital Radio System

Bay Area TrboTalk provides coverage on one or multiple areas depending on your requirements. Our traditional and digital network services extend throughout the Greater Bay Area and Sacramento with broader coverage available.

Northern California Two-Way Radio Coverage
System Integration

Dispatch, GPS, App Integration

Integrating Dispatch, GPS Tracking and Data Applications

RFC Wireless presents industry-leading solutions for Dispatch, GPS, and App Integration, offering advanced tools to manage your fleet and operations with precision.

Disparch/GPs Solutions
Worldwide Solutions

Global Communication Solutions

We Provide Communications Solutions for Multi-National Brands

At RFC Wireless, we provide innovative Global Communications Solutions, empowering businesses with seamless connectivity across borders. Our robust technology facilitates consistent, reliable communication to ensure your business operations run smoothly, irrespective of geographical limitations.

Global Communications
Complex Global Regulations

Licensing Management: US and International

Worldwide Two-Way Radio Licensing

At RFC Wireless, we streamline the process of securing International Licensing for wireless operations, navigating the complex global regulations on your behalf. Our services are geared towards ensuring your business obtains the necessary approvals, complying with various international guidelines seamlessly.

International Two-Way Radio Licensing
Global Multi-SIM

Push-to-Talk over Cellular

Easily Communicate Overseas With Our Multi-SIM Solution

At RFC Wireless, we provide innovative Global Multi-SIM Push-to-Talk solutions that deliver instantaneous, reliable communication across multiple international networks.

Global Muiti-SIM Communications
Extend Your Two-Way Radio Coverage

Motorola LMR and WAVE PTT Integration

Extend Your Coverage with Motorola Radio and WAVE PTT Integration

As part of Motorola Solutions’ WAVE PTX service, RFC Wireless offers LMR Interoperability that lets you connect MOTOTRBO Push-To-Talk radio users quickly and easily with new WAVE PTX users.

Motorola LMR and Wave PTT Integration

Multi-Network Smart Radios

We Offer Smart Roaming With MOTOTRBO Ion Two-Way Radios

Seamless Roaming on the MOTOTRBO Ion. Automatic switching between networks ensures uninterrupted push-to-talk communication while on the move. Perfect for delivery truck drivers or anyone needing instant communication while off-property.

Ion Smart Roaming
Private Radio System

Design and Integration

Build Your Own Private LTE Radio System

No matter how large or small your enterprise, MOTOTRBO offers a wide range of systems specifically designed for your business – for the days ahead and the years beyond.

Private Radio System Design

Wireless Broadband Solutions

Wide-Area Broadband Solutions For Tansportaion Companies

RFC Wireless works with Silicon Valley tech companies to provide Peplink’s unbreakable connectivity to turn employee shuttle buses into mobile workplaces.

Wireless Broadband for Transportation Companies

Custom Communication Solutions

We’ve designed, implemented and managed small and large installations for a wide variety of clients.
From local school districts and transportation companies to global technology leaders