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What Makes RFC Different

At RFC Wireless, our top priority is ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our distinct business model is founded on delivering stellar services, focused entirely on meeting our client’s needs.

RFC Wireless Fremont Caliifornia

Why Choose RFC Wireless?

  • Diverse Network Access: We offer access to our Connect Plus, Capacity Max, and Capacity Plus carrier networks: Bay Area TrboTalk.
  • Dedicated Expertise: Our proficient team of IT specialists, Project Managers, Engineers, Service Technicians, and more are committed to providing you with exceptional service.
  • Swift Response: Expect quick solutions to your pressing needs from our locally situated headquarters.
  • Proven Success: We have an established record of successfully deploying cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Efficient Project Management: Our use of the latest tools ensures that projects are completed within time and budget constraints.
  • Full-Service Design & Integration: We possess expertise in all aspects of custom system design and integration.
  • Global Reach: Connect with a worldwide network of trusted local business partners.
  • Network Ownership: We own and operate Digital Wide-Area Networks.

RFC’s Wide-Area Network

In addition to designing and implementing private systems, RFC Wireless has its own wide-area network that companies can utilize to cover multiple sites. RFC operates both a stand-alone and a centralized trunking network providing a dispatch service through an 8 site system covering a large portion of Northern California utilizing Capacity Max, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus Digital Platforms. Our digital network allows you to roam between sites without changing channels.

Exclusive FB8 Frequencies

Good spectrum is the foundation of any quality wide-area radio network. Our exclusive licenses grant access to a broad, non-shared FB8 spectrum, ensuring a 40-mile protected service area. This FB8 designation, backed by an FCC license, signifies a safeguarded area capable of serving a large user base. Unlike frequencies below 470MHz, which are commonly shared, requiring constant monitoring and waiting periods, our frequencies guarantee low latency, high reliability, and optimal accessibility. Always-accessible home channels eliminate the need for electronic monitoring, enhancing system access, capacity, long-term reliability, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Business-Class Network Infrastructure

Unlike competitors who use consumer-grade ISP network connections to link their sites, our network is founded on a business-class infrastructure, providing higher reliability, robust security, and low latency. This is achieved through multiple redundancy levels, ensuring superior voice quality and Quality of Service (QoS).

Global Coverage and Advanced Communication

Our digital network and alliances offer expansive coverage and seamless communication. Utilizing our MOTOTRBO Technology Platform, your teams can communicate and access essential information anytime, anywhere. Our technology includes text messaging, location tracking, and dispatch console capabilities – all underpinned by TDMA digital technology for increased capacity and crystal clear audio.

For further information, to schedule a demo or consultation, please reach us at or call (510) 462-2500. Choose RFC Wireless for efficient, reliable and technologically advanced communication solutions.

Custom Communication Solutions

We’ve designed, implemented and managed small and large installations for a wide variety of clients.
From local school districts and transportation companies to global technology leaders