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Get The Best Possible Reception From Your Motorola Radios

RFC Wireless sells the complete line of Motorola Solutions antennas and accessories for portable and mobile two-way radios. Motorola antennas are sturdy and dependable for years of fail-safe communication. Contact us today for a great price on your next Motorola antenna purchase.

Flexible Whip Antennas

Flexible Whip Antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core, and spiral wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics.

Stubby Antennas

Stubby antennas are ideal for radios worn on the belt because they are short and non-obtrusive. These rugged, helical antennas feature a capless sheath that allows for maximum flexibility.

Heliflex Antennas

Heliflex antennas are engineered for maximum output and coverage. Stubby antennas are unobtrusive, ideal for wearing the radio on a belt. Whip antennas are one piece with a steel core for optimal radiation.

Frequency Band

Most antennas only cover a portion of a frequency band. Motorola’s wideband UHF and VHF antennas offer coverage across the entire band, enhancing your communication flexibility.

Integrated GPS

A GPS antenna is integrated into the RF antenna.


The Power Of Your Radio Unleashed

From discreet Bluetooth earpieces to efficient battery solutions, our complete
portfolio of accessories optimizes the performance of your Motorola radio.