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Break Through the Noise. Be Heard

MOTOTRBO™ R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged, future-ready device. Its advanced audio processing ensures that your communications are loud and clear, while its rugged

construction is ready for harsh environments, and advanced connectivity options get your workforce ready for tomorrow.

The MOTOTRBO R7 is available as a Full Keypad Model (FKP) or a No Keypad Model (NKP).

Sharp, Clear Audio
MOTOTRBO R7 lets your team hear and be heard the first time — when it matters most. Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression brings game-changing noise canceling to your team, so you can hear them over the deafening noise of heavy machinery, a roaring stadium at full capacity, or wherever they are. Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression intelligently cancels out the feedback of other close-by radios, for a seamless voice experience in tightly packed areas. Intelligent Audio monitors background noise and adjusts speaker volume so users don’t have to, ensuring calls are always at the perfect volume.

Be Heard Above All Else
MOTOTRBO R7 delivers unprecedented loudness, so your team can hear in any situation. Its powerful speaker delivers a booming loudness of 102 phons, four times louder than a shouting conversation. R7 also features a programmable extra loud profile, bringing total loudness to 107 phons on the radio and with the remote speaker microphone — four times louder than a motorcycle at close range.

Customizable Audio Experience
MOTOTRBO R7 can be adapted with accessories that are specially designed to make your fleet easier to use and even more capable, especially in loud environments. Its re-engineered accessory port adds more robustness and longevity to the point where your accessories connect to the radio, while making it more resistant to dust and corrosion. Remote speaker microphones and other audio accessories let you quickly reach and use your radio. R7’s extra loud profile can be supported on a number of purpose-built accessories. And our IMPRES™ technology ensures that R7 works seamlessly with your Motorola Solutions accessories, so every call is heard perfectly.


MOTOTRBO R7 Features

  • Wi-Fi 2.4/5.0 GHz
  • WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol compliant
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 2.4” 320 x 240 px. QVGA display
  • Modern, intuitive user experience
  • Full suite of accessories
  • Sleek and ergonomic form factor
  • Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression
  • Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression
  • Intelligent Audio
  • IMPRES technology
  • Programmable loudness up 107 phons
  • Wideband speaker and microphones
  • Simple audio configuration
  • Up to 28 hours of battery life
  • IP68 (waterproof up to 2 meters for 2 hours)
  • IP66 (concentrated water jet pressure)
  • Intrinsically safe option (UL TIA-4950)
  • Disinfectant and decontamination substance resistant housing
  • Robust and corrosion-proof side connector
  • Rugged to MIL-STD 810
  • 5 years of hardware repair, technical support, software updates and premium features

MOTOTRBO R7 Accessories

Free Yourself To Work More Efficiently

No matter where you go or what you do, MOTOTRBO™ is made for clear, coordinated communication in the busy workplace. To help you excel in your job, you need accessories that match the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio – that truly fit your environment. That’s why it’s important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your MOTOTRBO R7 radio. They’re the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

Only Motorola accessories unleash the full power of MOTOTRBO – the most advanced digital radio platform in the industry. So, as you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine our best-in-class radios with MOTOTRBO R7 accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

With the MOTOTRBO R7 your team can stay hands free and focused on the task ahead.


Loud And Clear, Designed for Comfort and Wearability
A range of wired and wireless audio accessories enable a tailored experience. Bluetooth provides fast and secure wireless connectivity, while the sleek and compact GCAI-mini wired accessory port is designed for improved wearability. Now with MOTOTRBO R7, our extra loud audio profile is available on select audio accessories.


Maximize Power for The Longest Shifts
If the battery dies, it jeopardizes everything. Our slim, lightweight batteries provide a battery life that lasts a full shift – ensuring the MOTOTRBO R7 works when you need it. A variety of flexible charging solutions enables you to charge one or up to six batteries simultaneously, so your radios are always ready for the next shift.


Secure, Easy Access
Choose from plastic carry cases and belt clips, all designed for ease yet provide a secure access to the MOTOTRO R7 radio when wearing it on the waist or hip — so your team can stay hands free and focused on the task ahead.


Designed For Wearability
Motorola Solutions’ redesigned antennas for the MOTOTRBO R7 are designed for comfort without compromising performance. Shorter and more flexible, these antennas conform to the users’ business-critical environments.

Together, you’ll rethink what’s an accessory – and what’s a necessity.


Increase safety, boost productivity and work more efficiently
with advanced MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios