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Wide-Area Solutions

We’ve got you covered throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento and beyond.

RFC provides coverage in one or any number of areas depending on your requirements. Our traditional and new digital network services extend throughout the Greater Bay Area and Sacramento, with broader coverage available.

See our California coverage map.

Our MOTOTRBO System Devices

Bay Area TrboTalk offers Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios for our system. We have portable and mobile two-way radios available. Unique MOTOTRBO System Benefits for Enhanced Productivity MOTOTRBO offers a private, standards-based, highly cost-effective solution that can be tailored to meet your unique coverage and feature needs.

See our Bay Area TrboTalk radios.

Wide-Area Two-Way Radio Service Plans

We offer wide coverage throughout much of California and Arizona, with flat monthly rates that are more competitive than national cellular. You can choose the coverage areas, level of service, and equipment. Without long-term commitments if you like. And you can expand coverages and combine private system connectivity any time.

See our Bay Area TrboTalk service plans.

Short-Term Wide-Area Rentals in Northern California

RFC Wireless is the leading provider of custom two-way radio and communication integrations in the San Francisco Bay Area. We own and manage large MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

See our short-term wide-area rentals in Northern California.

Wide-Area Solutions for Your Industry

RFC Wireless owns and manages a large MOTOTRBO two-way radio system in the Bay Area and across Northern California. Whatever your industry, we can help you do business smarter and faster with solutions that combine leading-edge Motorola products and services. Whether your business is saving lives, moving products, or providing services, Bay Area TrboTalk can recommend the right products and services to help you gain control and efficiency.

Wide-area solutions for your industry.

Wide-Area Radio Coverage

Our Bay Area TrboTalk radio system is our digital wide-area dispatch network
specifically designed for mobile fleets with business-critical communication needs.