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What Can Safe Hospitals Do?

When you’re focused on your health, let safety take care of the rest.

Safe Hospitals can

  • Care for patients
  • Heal all wounds
  • Welcome a life
  • Keep families healthy
  • Read an x-ray

Integrated Healthcare Communications: The Heart of Real-Time Collaboration and Response

Healthcare operations are experiencing an epidemic of safety issues. They must care for the ill and injured inside their facilities while protecting patients, staff and visitors from outside threats. Yet violent acts are becoming the norm, impacting almost 90 percent of hospitals. Whether it is an aggressive patient who needs to be subdued or a threatening visitor entering with a weapon, it is critical for hospitals to prevent incidents and resolve them quickly when they occur. Providers must put proper security measures and communication systems in place to handle crisis prevention and crisis management. When they do, safety is strengthened, and your organization can achieve better outcomes.

Find out more about our Safe Hospitals plans for healthcare facilities in Northern California.

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