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MOTOTRBO R7 Contactless Solutions

R7 Contactless

Keep track of what’s important

Contactless technology uses radio waves to identify individual assets, allowing users to benefit from features such as asset tracking, inventory management, and personnel identification. These cost-effective ID-tracking tools help manage loss prevention, streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance safety protocols.

The MOTOTRBO R7 contactless solution provides a passive RFID or NFC tag embedded within the radio casing, so it doesn’t add any cumbersome fittings or increase the size of the radio. The tag type and placement have been specifically selected and tested to ensure they cause no interference to, or impact on, the performance of the radio. Each tag has a unique identification number built in, allowing the radio to be tracked and managed. RFID tags can be read up to 47m1 from the detector for easy access, whereas NFC range is up to 20mm1 for applications requiring more specific placement.

Download the R7 Contactless Solutions PDF file.

Boost efficiency In tracking and loss prevention

Managing a large fleet of devices is time-consuming and fraught with human error. Manual recording, weathered barcodes and busy work days can cause delays and mistakes, leading to untracked devices and wasted investment. RFID tags help keep track of radios out in the field and upon return, allowing a quick scan of multiple devices at once.

Shift change delays affect workflow and morale, slowing productivity and putting undue pressure on management. Contactless technology reduces this operational downtime as employees can quickly check out their R7 device from the inventory pool, then re-scan to check back in when shift has ended.

Enhance safety standards

The R7 arms security personnel with reliable, integrated tools to help stay focused and connected in dynamic environments. RFID & NFC tags enhance this commitment, providing a user-friendly solution to patrol and access control. Simply hold an R7 against a checkpoint along the patrol route to verify route followed, transmit a status to a centralized unit, or scan the R7 to gain access to a restricted area.

Integrated solutions

Motorola Solutions safety ecosystem connects products to automate processes, removing the burden from workers so they can focus on their tasks, not on the technology. The contactless-enabled R7 radio can be used to touch assign a VB400 body-worn camera to a specific user, so communications and video footage can be attributed to the individual.

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